CNC Machining

Precision Pattern
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Using state-of-the-art CNC software and equipment, Precision Pattern can quickly machine prototypes in plastic, aluminum, or virtually any other engineering material, directly from your CAD data. CNC prototypes are ideal for situations where physical prototypes are needed for demanding functional tests, or when the physical size of the parts makes other prototyping methods cost prohibitive. CNC rapid prototypes are cost-effective in applications where the material property or size requirements make other prototyping techniques unsuitable.

Need engineering help on your project? No problem. Precision Pattern has experienced, degreed engineers on staff to help take you from concept to production. There's no need to hire outside consultants -- we can do it all.

With extensive experience in CNC programming and manual machining, Precision Pattern combines the best modern technology with hands on experience to provide the best possible value. Whether you need a highly accurate machined prototype for a functional test, or a large plastic prototype for a customer presentation, Precision Pattern has the software, equipment and experience to get the job done. In addition to providing metal and plastic CNC prototypes, we also offer quality models machined in high density modeling board. Today's modeling board materials provide exceptional surface quality with excellent edge definition, making them ideal for master patterns and vacuum form tools.

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